Why Choose Holistic Counseling?...

Faith - based counseling approaches the therapeutic process from the perspective of the mindset of God.  While we realize, that all do not ascribe to a higher being and we respect this, we believe that understanding that there is a force greater than you, helps us to understand our limitations and how to reach out to a force greater than us and receive what we need to live our best lives.


Evidence - Based Practices:

Evidence - Based Practice denotes disciplines of health care that proceed empirically with regard to the patient and coincides with traditional protocols.  We believe and teach that we have power and it is imperative that we use it to live the robust life that we are designed to live.  Check out our video...

Cost for Sessions:

1 Hour Session: $150.00

90 Min. Session: $185.00

*Please note there is a discount for college students.  Please ask for more information.

Seeing Life from a Different Perspective!

“Nikka is a true believer in the word and work of the Lord.  She Always uses scripture to back up what she says.  Through the advice she has given, I have learn to think differently and see things from a different perspective”

— S.B.

I thought my dreams were dead…

“Ms. Williams has encouraged me to pursue dreams I thought were dead.
She has helped me believe in my own potential and not dwell on the obstacles or excuses. She forces me to dig deep and see things through faith and hope.”


A True Inspiration…

“I have known Nikka for over nine years and she has been a true inspiration to me. She is a gifted human being in the skills that she practices and has helped me tremendously whenever I needed it. She has never hesitated to assist me and anyone else who needs help. She has truly helped me and I know she will help you too!”

— K.M

"Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety." ~Proverbs 11:14

Love, Joy, Peace, Wealth & Happiness... Against Such There Is No Law.  Reserve your appointment Today.