You are one decision away from the BEST days of your life!!!

Wellness coaching is designed for those who got M.A.D. - Made A Decision, and now they want to do the necessary work to make changes.  The success of wellness coaching depends on how M.A.D. you are and what you are willing to do about it. Coaching and counseling are cousins. While counseling provides a systematic and strategic plan of therapy, coaching is a plan designed specifically for each individual and geared toward a specific goal, while incorporating evidenced based practices.


Wellness Coaching Packages:

We offer several different packages for you to choose from:

Power Surge: This is a 3 week coaching package that is designed give you a quick recharge and to help re-focus you on the path to your goals.

Reboot & Recharge: This is a 4 - 6 week coaching package that is designed to help you re-evaluate your goals and then assists you with meeting them.  During these sessions you will gravitate to what is needed and loose what is holding you back.

Core Work: This is a 6-9 week (63 days) coaching package that is designed to help you get to the core of any matter and be transformed.  We use evidences based practices, faith - based principles coupled with practical truths to get you on tract living your best life and loving who you are.


Coaching Package Prices:

Power Surge:  $550.00

Reboot & Recharge: $850.00

Core Work: $1,350.00

* Please note all packages includes but is not limited to, emails, phone calls and text messages to provide encouragement, information and communication


Your Best Days are Ahead of YOU...

Learn to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative...and then you will live your best life!